iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall See Step by Steps Guide

iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall See Step by Steps Guide

This guide on iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall will show you different ways to delete unwanted and annoying apps from your ios device.

Are you searching to know how to uninstall Apps on iPad and iPhone? If you’re looking for how to delete apps on iPhone and iPad? If you just said okay! This guide is for you.

iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall

Furthermore, In today’s tutorial, we will be showing you how to how to delete apps from iPhone x, 8 & 8 plus, 7 & 7 plus, 6, 6s, and 5.

At the end of this tutorial, you learn how to delete apps on iPhone permanently. Before we continue, please make sure you read and follow guidelines provided on this page to uninstall apps from your iPad and iPhone.

To begin with, have you mistakenly downloaded a bunch of apps that you do not need any more on your smartphone Or because of free internet connection you have installed all the free apps on the apple store on your device.

Do you wish to remove that wired apps occupying your phone memory that add no value to your daily activities? Here are the best guides to uninstall apps in iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall Using Home Screen

In short, This is the easiest and fastest step to uninstall apps in iPhone and iPad. On your device, go to the home screen and locate the apps you want to delete then tap and hold it for a while.

During the hold, all the icons on the screen start to wiggle. Also, all the app will get a small “X” button on its top-left corner. Now Tap the “X” button on the app that you want to delete or get ride off.


In conclusion, You will be asked by your iPhone or iPad whether you are sure that you want to uninstall that app. If you eventually change your mind, tap Delete, and the app will be uninstalled. Otherwise, tap Cancel.

Step 2: Uninstall Apps in iPhone and IPad using the Settings

In addition to the first step, you can also use the Settings app to get rid of unwanted apps from an iPhone or iPad. Go to your home screen and tap on the Settings icon.

Uninstall Apps in iPhone and IPad using the Settings

  • Once the Settings app open, tap on the General.
  • Next, tap on iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage) as the case may be.
  • Right there on the iPhone Storage screen, your smartphone shows you how much space each app uses.
  • Scroll until you locate the app that you want to uninstall and tap on it.
  • Next, On the app’s storage screen, you will see a button called “Delete App.” Kindly tap on it.
  • Your device asks you to verify if you want to delete that app. Tap “Delete App” once more, and the app will be instantly uninstalled.

Step 3: How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad Using iTunes 12.6.3

As a result of the latest update of iTunes to 12.7, you are not allowed to see or manage the apps found on your iPhone. Nevertheless, the earlier version – iTunes 12.6.3 – enables these features. Luckily, you can still download and install it on your Windows PC, and then use it to uninstall apps in iPhone or iPad.

Download iTunes 12.6.3, right here now using these direct official links below.

⇒ iTunes 12.6.3 for 64-bit Windows

⇒ iTunes 12.6.3 for 32-bit Windows

  • After the installation of iTunes 12.6.3 on your Windows PC, launch it and plug your iPhone or iPad to your computer, using its USB cable. Wait for some minutes until your PC establishes the connection. So then, in iTunes, look for the small icon that serves your iPhone or iPad, on the top-left area of the window.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad Using iTunes 12.6.3

  • Next, On the left sidebar, click on the Apps.
  • However, On the other side (right) of the window, iTunes loads interactive images of the home screens and app folders of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now double-tap or double-click on the home screen or on the app folder where the app you want to uninstall is located. This supplies you a full view of the home screen or app folder.
  • Hover your mouse cursor above the app that you wish to uninstall, and you will see a small “X” icon displayed on the app’s top-left corner.
  • Click on the “X” button, and the app’s icon will be removed from the screen. If you desire to delete more apps, you can replicate the method.
  • Finally, if you’re done deleting the unwanted apps, you must also apply the changes. To achieve that, you must also click on the Apply button from the bottom-right corner of the iTunes window.
  • In conclusion, iTunes question if you are sure you want to remove those app(s) from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click Remove if you want to, and the apps will be uninstalled instantly.

iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall: How do you Delete Apps from iPhone and iPad?

In summary, we hope you enjoy this guide on iPad & iPhone Apps Uninstall, please if we’re missing any method kindly tell us making use of our comment box.

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