How to get Snapchat Streak Back After you lose it

I know you’re here to learn How to get Snapchat Streak Back After you lose it. However, that is what this post is all about. Many Snapchat users have been asking lately.

How can we regain missed snap streak on Snapchat? Can I recover Snapchat streaks? Can you get a Snapchat streak with yourself? As a result of that, we have taken our time to provide to you the best way to get snapchat streak back after losing it right here.

Snapchat’s feature of ‘streaks’ has been causing some problems to the users for the last few years and right now. Furthermore, how it works is that you get a “flame” icon next to your friend, with details of how long your streak has been going. You need to send a snap and receive a snap to and from your friend on a daily basis to grow your streak.

Most time this streak will disappear as a result of network issue, and you’ll have to start over again once you or your friend sends a snap in your conversation. You can also run out of streak as a result of some glitches.

It’s quite annoying. Right! But you don’t have to worry all you need is to follow the guideline here to get your Snapchat streak back and running again from wherever you stopped.

What Is Snap streaks?

Snapchat have an exciting scoring system for its regular users: Snap streaks. The real deal is that when you start a snap streak by sending your friend a snap, and your friend reciprocate one back. All you’ve to do is to view the snap to start the streak.

If you do this daily, you’ll see a “flame” emblem showing next to your friends’ name when you do this back-to-back for three days. There’s also a number that sits to the left side of this flame, showing how long your streak has been running for days.

Why You Lose Your Snap Streak

Your snap streak is in danger of running out if you or your friend didn’t snap each other for 24 hours. Also if your snap streak is near to closing, you will see an egg timer pop-up next to the flame to signify that your snap streak is close to ending. It’s a notice to send your friend a snap to have the snap streak running!

However, if 24-hour clock’s out, the flame will disappear and you ought to start your snap streak afresh. You need to be active for the next three days snapping back-to-back to each other, once daily, to be able to see the flame emblem back again.

In short, sending text-based messages with Snapchat will not be included as a snap, and hence, will not start a snap streak. Also, bear in mind that snap streaks don’t work with groups. Snap streaks function at an individual level by sending photos and video.

In conclusion, the Snapchat app has glitches and bugs like other apps; therefore they’re not perfect. And Also, your snap streak can be influenced by the following. Your snap streak can vanish for apparently no reason, especially after an update. Most times when the egg timer shows up, you and your buddy will send a snap to each other, and Snapchat, unpurposely, won’t acknowledge the snap sent, allowing the timer and your streak runs out.

How To Recover Snapchat Streak Back After Losing It

Like we said earlier there is a method to get your Snap streak back. However, it may not be as fast as you want it, but the real deal is that you will get your Snap streak back. All you need to do is to contact Snapchat Customer Support to recover your Snap streak back.

  • Firstly, On your Snapchat app go to Settings
  • Next, Scroll to the Support and tap it
  • Now tap on Contact Us and select My Snapchatstreaks Disappeared
  • However, After choosing the MY SNAP STREAKS DISAPPEARED option, you will see a form in the screenshot below.
  • Finally, fill The details and wait for 5–6hrs you will receive mail from Snapchat that they’ve restored your Snapchat streaks.

In conclusion, That’s all on How to get Snapchat Streak Back After you lose it using your Snapchat Moblie Application. However, let’s proceed to the next solution if this one does not work for you.

How to get Snapchat Streak Back After you lose it Via Online Support

Firstly, Visit Snapchat Support’s and head to I Need Help section on the website. You can visit it by clicking here. However, you will be shown the details of how Snap streaks functions, and if you conclude that the lost Snap streak was not your wrongdoing, click t“Yes” option then proceed to the next section that speaks Need Help With Something Else?

Furthermore, there is where you fill there complainant form about your disappeared Snap streak. You need to fill all the required information including your username, phone number, device model, email, and your friends’ username that you begot your Snap streak with them.

However you have to provide a date when you started experiencing the issue, also tell how long the Snap streak stayed, and equally tell them if the timer appears or not. Finally, they will need you to explain in details about your issue. however, you have to provide all the information required so that they can get back your Snap streak.

In Conclusion
That’s all on How to get Snapchat Streak Back After you lose it if you’ve any question make use of our comment box below.

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