How to Fix iPhone 7 No Service Issue Best Solution

Here in this guide, you will be able to fix iPhone 7 no service hardware issue and also find out how you can fix no service problem on iPhone generally.


 iPhone No Service

Steps to Fix iPhone 7 No Service Issue

Are you reading this post to find the possible best solution on how to Fix iPhone 7 No Service Bugs? So many Apple iPhone 7 users have experienced some network glitches in their smartphone which normal to see in the mobile devices. Because of this no signal, no service, searching, and other issues associated with the cellular network, Apple has comes with the best possible solution to fix these bugs. Continue reading to find out more.

1, Know Your Account Status

Before crying out loud for iPhone 7 No Service problem, first of all, check your account status with your carrier. Most of the carrier may disconnect your account because of the fraudulent activity, late payment or no payment. In the first place to be sure that this is not the cause of the problem, it’s advisable to give your carrier a call to know your account status. Usually, No Service show up in your iPhone when your account is canceled or disconnected.

2, Check Your Cellular Settings

We all are aware of the cellular data setting in iPhone, and if it was poorly set up, it might lead to your iPhone showing No Service. Settings can be changed mistakenly, and most times the problem require turning some settings off and back on to be fixed.

Here is what you should do. Go to Settings-> Cellular. Toggle the switch to activate or turn on cellular function, if required.

If you are encountering No Service or your iPhone 7 Plus shows Searching for a signal while traveling abroad, make sure your device is set up for data roaming. To check, go to Settings-> Cellular-> Data Roaming. Tap the Data Roaming switch to enable it.

Also, ensure you are not in a place where the cellular signal may have been hindered or blocked by physical buildings.

3, Check Your Air Airplane Mode and Restart Your Phone

Check your Airplane mode to know if it’s enabled; it will also lead to the No Service problem on your iPhone and will prevent from making, sending or receiving any wireless transmission. To very that this isn’t the cause quickly go to your settings -> Airplane Mode and do the needful if your iPhone is on Airplane Mode toggle the switch to disable it.

Most times this may be the result of a software problem. In this case, restarting your phone may be the fix. To restart your iPhone following the guide below right now.

  • Kindly press and hold the Side button and either the Volume buttons until the slide to power off screen appears.
  • Drag the slider to turn your iPhone entirely off.
  • Once your iPhone turns off, press and hold the Side button again continuously until the Apple logo appears.
  • Finally! Your iPhone will reboot.

Sometime single restart can’t be okay, do it twice or three times. If the problem persists, follow any other step on this guide.

4, Update Software and Carrier Settings on your iPhone

iPhone 7 No service issue started after as a result of flaws in the software update. However, the problem as being fix with subsequently update so is quite essential to update your iPhone software and carrier setting. If you have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, all you need to do is to check the availability of software update for your iPhone.

Here’s what to do below to check for software updates!

Go to Settings-> General-> Software Update. If an update isn’t available, go to Settings-> General-> About, and then check for a carrier settings update instead.

Please Note; You have to hang on for some time in the About section for not less than 10 seconds until the updates appear. If nothing shows up, it indicates that your carrier settings are up to date.

In case you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, you can directly connect your iPhone to your computer and to check for an available software update including the carrier setting update for your iPhone.

If you have updated your iPhone software, or if your software is already up-to-date and your iPhone says No Service then you’ve to do some troubleshooting.

5, Reset network settings on your iPhone.

Resetting the network settings of your iPhone to factory defaults helps to fix all sorts of cellular and Wi-Fi related issues on your iPhone.

This will “forgets” all your Wi-Fi networks, so you must reconnect to them and re-enter your Wi-Fi passwords. The No Service problem may solve after your iPhone reboots.

Here’s a guide to Reset Network Settings to fix iPhone 7 No Service below.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  • Then enter your iPhone Password.
  • Next, Tap on Reset Network Settings when the confirmation prompt shows up near the bottom of your iPhone’s display.

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Just like we said earlier all your Wi-Fi networks, passwords, and cellular settings would be deleted on the process.

6, Make Sure the Cellular Settings On Your iPhone are well configured.

Many cellular data settings are on your iPhone. If something isn’t set up correctly, your iPhone may display No service or other similar error problems. Furthermore, the problem can be fixed by just turning settings off and back on.

Here’s how to diagnose your iPhone’s cellular settings.

Go to Settings-> Cellular and make sure Cellular Data is on, If yes, attempt turning it off and back on again.

Please Note: What you see in setting may vary from carrier to carrier.

7, Remove and Re-insert Your SIM card on Your iPhone

in some cases, a loose SIM card can also contribute to No Service problem. You can try to remove the SIM card from your iPhone and correctly re-insert it.

Be careful to keep it guarded and in place when re-inserting. If you noticed that the SIM card doesn’t fit in the SIM tray or is damaged, communicate to your carrier for further support.

8, Inspect for water damage on your iPhone

If your iPhone 7 displays No Service subsequent after it got wet or in contact with a liquid substance, then there is a possibility that water damage is the cause.

As a result of that, you need to take your iPhone to an Apple Genius or an authorized iPhone engineer for hardware check and repair. Apple seems not to repair water-damaged iPhones but replace them as soon as possible.

9, Take You iPhone to Repair Center

Apple lately launched a new repair program to fix the flaw in certain iPhone 7 devices that make the phones to display “No Service” in the status bar, even if cellular service is available.

The issue was as a result of a malfunction in the logic board and barely exists in a few numbers of devices, as reported by Apple support page. Thus, The logic board issues are much serious; the great news is that the fix for this one is free.

However, here is what you have to do first to know if your iPhone is among the affected iPhone 7 models. Coupled with what is on the support page, affected devices are manufactured within September 2016 and February 2018, and traded in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the US.

If your iPhone 7 was made within this time, all you need to do is to check the model number. For those in China, model numbers A1660, and A1780 were the victim. Hong Kong, Macao, and the US model number are A1660, while Japan possesses model number A1779, according to the page.

Since you have found out your device eligibility, it advisable that you back up your data before proceeding. With the help of either iTunes or iCloud, create a backup copy of your data just in case your device will be wiped for service. Follow this guide provided by Apple here for the backup process.

iPhone 7 Repair Program for “No Service”

So now you have to choose the method of service you want. Users have on few options here either to take the phone to Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store. Also, you can decide to contact Apple Technical Support. No matter the choice you make, Your phone needs to be sent to an Apple Repair Center to be able to iPhone 7 No Service bug.

Your phone will be appropriately checked to verify it’s eligibility. Furthermore, Do not take your phone to a wireless carrier because they’re not providing this service. In addition to that if your phone is having a cracked screen or other damage that will make the iPhone 7 No Service bug stressful to fix, Please know that you have to repair the damage and it will attract additional payment.

10, Contact your carrier

Try and Contact your carrier to ensure no dim-out that may have hit the network services in your neighborhood. Also, check to verify from your carrier that your iPhone is not barred from getting cellular services. Finally, contact your carrier to make sure you’re correct data plan.

How do you fix No Service on iPhone x, XS Max, XR, XS, 8 Plus, 8,

Many people have been asking the above questions, but this guide is not just iPhone 7 and 7 Plus no service fix but generally iPhone no service fix.

In summary, once you follow the guideline on this article, you can also fix iPhone x, XS Max, XR, XS, 8 Plus, 8, no service issue.

Make use of our comment box below to ask your questions and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

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